Goldbloc is the gold-backed-cryptocurrency from gold-investment platform, The Real Asset Company.

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The next iteration of Goldbloc will be launching in Q2 2018. Please visit for updates.

Cryptocurrencies can be confusing, how does a cryptocurrency have value? Who decides the price? How much supply will there be?

Here at gold investment platform, The Real Asset Co, we’ve decided to take the groundbreaking technology that underlies bitcoin, and use it to create a new gold standard.

Each goldbloc is backed by 1g gram of gold. This gold is stored in our vaults, in Geneva, London and Singapore.

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Make a bank transfer to fund your account and buy gold online and the best gold prices. UK transfers usually clear in a few hours, whilst international transfers can take a few days.

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Buy gold bullion

Buy gold bullion

Enter our gold markets and buy the desired amount of gold bullion. At the point of transaction, ownership of physical gold bullion is transferred from the seller, to you, the buyer. Your gold investment is allocated into your name and the gold becomes your legal property.

Don’t forget about our new gold-backed cryptocurrency, Goldbloc! Each Goldbloc is physically represented by 1 gram of gold in our vaults, and represented on the blockchain, for ultimate piece of mind. Some might call it the new gold standard.

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Monitor your gold investments

Monitor your gold investments

Login regularly to check your gold savings and the latest gold price. The value of your gold and other bullion is marked to market every few seconds via a live gold price per gram. This gives you the most up to date valuations should you choose to sell.


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