Meet the team

Behind The Real Asset Company

Here at The Real Asset Company we are passionate about how technology and the internet can improve the way we consume financial services, and have extensive experience building and running online platforms. After success in other financial markets we decided to use our technology and know-how to launch The Real Asset Company in 2010. We wanted to provide an investment platform that gives the retail investor access to the security and efficiency of the wholesale bullion markets. We hope our technology enables individual investors to buy gold bullion on the same terms as professional investors.

We are great believers in the benefits of physical bullion, and the role allocated gold and silver play in a balanced investment portfolio.¬† We founded The Real Asset Company as a service we would use ourselves, and have pioneered new ways to buy gold online. The business remains nearly >80% owned by the employees and we hope you find The Real Asset Company a better way to buy gold. We love to hear your feedback, so if you have any opinions about how we can do things better please contact us. We’re here to improve how you invest in gold.

Ralph Hazell

Ralph Hazell
Founder and CEO

Ralph is the founder of The Real Asset Company, and was previously a trader and market maker in the fixed income and commodity markets for over 10 years. He was a founding partner of Trafalgar Financial Futures in Gibraltar, and of Jebel Tariq Trading in Dubai, which was the first company to automate market making in gold futures on the DGCX Dubai Gold and Commodities exchange.

In 2007 Ralph left the markets to pursue his interest in retail driven marketplaces and exchanges. Whilst building a range of technology platforms, Ralph founded MoneySwap, a P2P currency exchange. MoneySwap was listed on AIM in 2011 and Ralph remains a shareholder.

Ralph is a firm believer in gold and its role in the financial system. Ralph has been buying gold bullion since 2000, and founded The Real Asset Company to improve access to the gold markets for individuals. He is now Head of Markets.

Ned Naylor Leyland

Ned Naylor Leyland
Non-Executive Director

Ned graduated with a BA (Hons) degree from the University of Bristol in 1998. He began his career in 2001 at Neilson Management, later moving to Smith & Williamson (formerly NCL Investments) in 2003 where he was an Investment Manager. Ned joined Cheviot Asset Management in July 2008 and advises a specialist Precious Metals fund called Abydos Holdings as well as being a Portfolio Manager.

Ned is a widely-followed commentator on the Precious Metals markets, and as an avowed Goldbug he sits on the Board of The Real Asset Company to offer strategic advice and help us ensure our service is suitable for the most informed and professional of gold investors.