Why we started the business

A note from the founders

Ralph Hazell and Will Bancroft founded The Real Asset Co in October 2010. Ralph says:

“We started The Real Asset Company to offer greater choice for investors and improved access to the bullion markets. Our simple yet powerful platform was designed to help smaller investors buy gold bullion with the same security and efficiencies available in the wholesale markets, all from one simple account. We thought the process for buying gold bullion could be made easier and more intuitive and sought to build a platform that would satisfy professional traders yet also appeal to less experienced investors. We also wanted to make it easier and more efficient for individuals to buy gold and take personal possession of the bullion bars traded in the wholesale markets, and crucially set up their own professional vault facilityWe also have concerns about the make-up of the financial system, the policy responses of the financial authorities and the suitability of many ‘traditional’ investment products. We are advocates of investment grade bullion, finding physical gold and silver unique in their being free from counterparty risk, independent of the banking system, and a trusted means of preserving wealth over long time periods. We regularly discuss these issues for savers and investors in our Comment & Analysis section where we cover latest market demand to buy gold, recent moves in gold prices and run regular investor polls.The team, Will and I, use The Real Asset Company to buy gold and silver ourselves, and want our platform to be the most secure and efficient way to invest in physical bullion. Customers tell us they use our service like a bank account for gold and silver bullion, often using our platform to diversify and preserve their savings in these tricky market conditions.We always enjoy hearing from interested parties and customers. Please feel free to contact us whenever you need via email or in person if you are ever in London. We want our platform to be the best way to invest in gold, and always love to hear your thoughts”.