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Meet other famous analysts from around the world and hear what they are saying about the precious metals, money and markets, to get a balanced, global range of opinions. Enjoy commentary from experts in Australasia, Singapore, China and India, the Middle East, Europe and North America, in one easy news stream.

  • Gold And Silver Bullion Bars

    Williams: The expectations for platinum and palladium

    Platinum and palladium are, arguably, the more exciting of the precious metals at the moment. Not only are they industrial metals (always interesting when areas of industry are growing) but that they are also highly affected by ongoing industrial action and political events. Despite all …

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  • Money Printing Press

    FED up? Hundred years of manipulating the US dollar

    Monday 23 December marks the 100th Anniversary of the creation of the Federal Reserve System – the Central Bank of the United States of America. The mainstream media are keeping remarkably quiet about this key milestone. No doubt, they know only too well that growing …

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  • Jeff Clark: when is the best month to buy gold?

    In the world of gold investment we are constantly finding ourselves looking incredulously at the manner in which Western forecasters recommend buying gold and therefore the way many Western investors do buy gold. As we saw last year and into this year, when the price of …

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  • Williams: On gold – the banks they are a’changing

    Very often the contrast between what is happening with the gold price and its underlying fundamentals compared to bank analysts’ predictions, is noticeable. We frequently comment on the ease in which mainstream analysts change their forecasts, drawing attention to the fact that as they clearly …

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  • Buy gold

    FT: Learn from Buba

    In a dramatic change of stance, the Financial Times published a brief commentary item last week on the issues facing the Bundesbank (Buba) and  their gold repatriation plan. Expressing thoughts that would have previously been dismissed as those of a conspiracy theorist/ gold bug, the …

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