Tracing the great Chinese gold rush

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Read Jan Skoyles’ in-depth history of the fascinating Chinese gold investment market.

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Will BancroftWill Bancroft is Co-Founder of The Real Asset Company, a market place for individuals to invest in gold, silver and precious metals. Will also contributes commentary and analysis to the Research Desk. His interest in financial markets and investment led to a keen interest in monetary economics, gold and silver. Will is passionate about gold’s role in a portfolio and his views appear on sites and media such as Kitco, Market Oracle, Seeking Alpha, Stockopedia, The Telegraph and Yahoo Finance. Follow Will on Google+, and get his commentary via our RSS feed.View all posts by Will Bancroft

  • DameEdnasPossum

    And after all that WGC comments about China in mid-2013 that ‘individual investors are opportunistically buying on lows.’ WOW!! Lucky for us they’re there to explain this principle to us. LMAO. Talk about being asleep at the wheel. No wonder the average citizen has no idea of what real money is.

    Welcome to the real New World Order, a world in which Europe and the USA has imploded itself and inflicted untold damage along the way.

    If you have a brain, start stacking immediately…while you still can.

    Or perhaps you should spend more time learning about Kim Khardashian instead…

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