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In our Gold Bug Reading List we review a comprehensive range of investment classics you’ll love. Whether you’re yet to invest in gold, recently invested in gold or are an experienced gold investor, this range of fascinating books is essential reading.

Use our Gold Bug Reading List to find your next great read and grow your knowledge on the price of gold, gold investment, asset classes, the money system and financial markets. Whether you’re looking for the best gold investment book, or a wider focused best seller, you’ll find some great choices below.

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Golden Revolution
Golden Revolution

The Golden Revolution – John Butler

The Golden Revolution set tongues in the gold investment market wagging in 2012, as hedge fund manager, John Butler, released his must read addition to the gold world. John’s over 20 years of financial market experience are collected, along with his wide ranging understand of economics, into one accessible and highly informative book.

We think this is a superb read, and a great start to your journey when learning about gold investing, money and financial markets. You don’t need to be versed in theory to enjoy John’s book, and his ability to communicate complicated ideas and concepts in ways that are easy to understand is refreshing in a financial world littered with jargon. Since interviewing John about his book he has become a friend of The Real Asset Company, and he’s always a live wire in the gold debate.

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Currency Wars

Currency Wars – Jim Rickards

Perhaps our favourite financial book of 2011, Currency Wars, by Wall Street veteran, Jim Rickards, still holds one of the top slots on our essential reading list. Jim is a real Wall St and high finance insider having dealt with investment banking giants, the Fed and collapsing monster hedge funds like Long Term Capital Management (LTCM).

Within this page turner you’ll hear about simulated financial war games organised by the Pentagon, and what hand Jim played within the exercise. You’ll also enjoy Jim’s covering of central banking, economics and the issues he finds in today’s ‘crony-capitalist’ system. Last but not least, Jim’s understanding of gold bullion and money is measured and refreshing, with new insights on today’s global Currency Wars. Like John Butler above, Jim’s take of the financial news is not to be missed.

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Paper Money Collapse

Paper Money Collapse – Detlev Schlicter

Detlev Schlicter’s 2011 book, Paper Money Collapse, was also a huge hit, getting profiled in the financial news and TV channels. Ex-banker Detlev also made a number of notable speaking appearances around London, where he met The Real Asset Company at a free market think tank’s evening dedicated to his book.

Paper Money Collapse, like the other books in this list, is as relevant today as it was in 2011, and contains a detailed look at paper money. The history of paper money, also know as fiat money, and its alternatives like gold bullion are considered with some striking conclusions. If you’re wondering why inflation is such an ever present part of today’s economy, be sure to read Paper Money Collapse to understand what the financial authorities aren’t telling you.

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Gold Wars

Gold Wars – Ferdinand Lips

Gold Wars might not be the best book to read first on gold, but its place on our essential list is assured. The now late Ferdinand Lips, was a Swiss banker of over 50 years of financial markets experience and investment management. A banker of the old school, Herr Lips writes a gripping story of gold’s history, and why it is the monetary gravity that no government can escape. This is a great book to enjoy as you get deeper into learning about what gold means for freedom and why we seek to invest in gold.

Since his death in 2005, Ferdinand Lips’ writings continue to inspire, and he has had an economic institute established in his name by his followers. Herr Lips’ work guides many high profile investors in the 21st century gold investment market, and Gold Wars is a staple for many smart gold investors. The Real Asset Company gave a copy to Steve Baker MP, to thank him for his interview with us.

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Anti Fragile

Anti-Fragile – Nasim Taleb

The irascible Nasim Taleb burst into the wider financial conciousness in 2007 with his first book, The Black Swan. Since then he has become an ever present critic of much that goes on in the financial markets, with robust criticisms of politicians, central bankers and financiers for their role in the crisis and their continuing behaviour. As an ex-options trader, turned mathematician and philosopher Taleb’s view point is unique and insightful.

His latest book, released in November 2012, is his updated world view and musings on life, the markets and the economy today. If you’re concerned about bureaucrats, bank bail outs, money printing and much else in today’s uncertain post Credit Crunch world, don’t miss Anti-Fragile for a dose of Nasim Taleb’s straight talking wisdom.

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Silver The Restless Metal

Silver: The Restless Metal – Roy Jastram

The late Professor Roy Jastram is still one of the pre-eminent scholars of the monetary history of gold and silver. The Berkley Professor’s books, The Golden Constant, and Silver: The Restless Metal, are both timeless classics that inform the debate about precious metals, money and trade. If you’re looking to dig a little deeper into the history of money, gold and silver, and want to better understand how our contemporary money systems fits into the greater scheme of things, this book is a must read.

There are indeed two metals instantly associated with money, gold and silver, and this tome is Professor Jastram’s look at the value of silver over almost a thousand years. With fascinating data from The Royal Mint and medieval England, the early American states and 19th century Europe, after reading this book you will really understand how ‘restless’ silver is the volatile of the monetary metals.

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