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Our investment process is simple and straightforward, meaning anyone can open an account with The Real Asset Company. Even if you’re new to gold, you’ll find our service for buying gold online easy and accessible.

Learn how to open an account in moments, how to deposit and add funds to your account and then how to buy gold and silver in our transparent bullion markets. Alternatively, contact our friendly Support Team any time with any gold investing questions you might have, via email or call +44 (0)203 287 8130.

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In moments

See how anyone can open an allocated gold account on our platform, in less than two minutes.

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Bank transfers

Learn how to fund your gold account by bank transfer, using your unique deposit reference.

Buy Gold Online

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How to buy
Gold & silver

See how simple it is to buy gold in our transparent bullion markets, in a location of your choice.

Buy Gold Online

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