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We have created a comprehensive range of products, to provide you with more choice and control with your gold investing and silver buying. All our products offer you the chance to diversify your investments and store your wealth in a range of secure vaults, in the most investor-friendly jurisdictions.

Learn more about allocated gold accounts, savings plans, our bar registration service and how to open you own approved bullion vault. You can even buy gold for your children, God-children and your pension too. We’re here to help you buy gold and silver as it suits you.

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Allocated accounts
Buy gold online

Our allocated gold and silver accounts enable you to safely buy and hold gold and silver bullion in secure vaults.

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Register bars
Refinery certificates

After buying gold on our platform, register Swiss gold bars in your name to receive unique gold bar certificates.

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Global vaults
For your bullion

Decide which vault location offers the best protections for your bullion, to internationally diversify your physical gold investments.

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Savings plans
Save in bullion

Use our flexible range of bullion savings plans to accumulate gold and/or silver bullion each month, without having to time the market.

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For children
Build up a legacy

Our trust accounts are a great way to buy gold and silver for your children and God-children, building a precious legacy.

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Accounts for pensions
Gold SIPPs

We work with a range of pension providers to make your gold SIPP or SSAS pension solution simple and straightforward.

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Saving in gold
Long-term savers

Gold bullion retains its purchasing power far better than cash and other financial assets, making it ideal for savers in the long-term.

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How to save

Only pure gold
Approved refineries

Buy professional market bullion from the most respected gold refineries, all at 9995 to 9999 parts per thousand purity.

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About bullion

Direct ownership
In your name

When you buy gold with us, it becomes your legal property at the point of sale. Enjoy direct ownership of allocated gold.

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Your gold

Secure storage
Recognised vaults

Your gold and silver are stored in professional market approved bullion vaults, in a choice of investor-friendly locations.

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Our vaults

Efficient prices
Giving you more

Our easy-to-use bullion markets provide you with greater efficiency and transparency when buying gold and silver.

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