Security and efficiency

Makes us the best place to buy gold

Using technology to provide you with greater access to the professional bullion markets, our service brings you a range of key benefits when buying gold.

Read on to see how our platform enables you to buy professional market bullion that is your legal property, outside of the banking system and all at the best possible prices.

Buy Pure Gold

Buy pure gold from the professional markets

Buy gold bullion bars of the same purity traded in the wholesale markets, to ensure the most recognised and respected gold investments.


Buy Gold Allocated

Buy gold bullion that is your legal property

When you buy gold on our platform it is instantly allocated into your name, giving you more security and control with your gold investing.

Global secure vaults

Choose your international vault location

Store your bullion in a range of trusted safe-havens for easy access to international diversification.

Best Gold Prices

Access the best gold prices

Buy and sell in our efficient gold investment market to ensure spreads and commissions don’t eat into your gold savings.

Vaulted Gold Bullion

Hold your investment out of the banking system

Buy gold online in a global range of secure vault locations and avoid banks and risk in the financial system.

Gold Delivery Options

Take possession of your gold bullion investment

Benefit from our flexible range of gold delivery options and enjoy more choice when you buy gold bars.

Invest in gold 24/7

Invest in gold as it suits you 24/7

Buy gold bullion on your own terms, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in our easy to use live gold market. Buy gold as it suits you, whatever the price of gold.

Gold Research And Commentary

Free market leading research and analysis

Use our industry leading Comment & Analysis section to grow your knowledge of gold investing and keep up with all the latest market news and trends in gold prices.