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Secure bullion vaults in global locations

Our platform makes it fast and simple to buy gold bullion in a range of approved vaults to suit you. Why buy gold in one location, when you can enjoy global diversification when you invest in gold? This means that you benefit from a choice of global storage locations in some of the most investor friendly jurisdictions in the world.

From one online account you can invest in gold in all three locations, or just in the bullion vault you prefer most. If you need to rebalance your gold investments you can quickly sell some gold in one location, and then buy gold in another.

A global range of vault locations and a platform open 24/7, means that your gold investments are internationally diversified and truly mobile. You can buy as little as one gram of gold, when you want, where you want. We enable you to buy gold bars in secure vaults in:

Don’t forget that you can also open your own personal vault account in all three locations, and 22 further locations with our own bullion vault facility. And, you can invest in gold and take delivery of gold bars from any of our three vault locations should you want to take personal custody of your gold investment.

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Be sure to contact us if you would like to request a new vault location.