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Buy gold in London

The world’s financial capital

We offer a secure, approved bullion vault in London, UK, the heart of the global banking system and world’s financial capital.

Why buy gold in London? London’s prominence as a financial centre is as marked today as it was many decades ago, and part of this is due to London’s free capital markets and deep links to gold investment.

Home to the world’s largest physical bullion market, with its traditional AM and PM gold price ‘fix’ decided by the major bullion banks, London’s gold buying market has deep liquidity and history and is overseen by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). This makes London an ideal location to buy gold bullion.

Gold investors today continue to be drawn to London, with its bullion market and first class financial infrastructure proving attractive. The highest recognition for professional vaults is still LBMA approval, and if you are are looking for a bullion vault in London our approved UK storage facility is perfect for when you invest in gold.

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