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Buy gold in Singapore

The safe-haven of the East

You can buy gold bullion in secure, approved vaults in Singapore, the investor friendly City State at the heart of the Asian capital markets.

Why buy gold in Singapore? With the rise of Asia and its Tiger economies, financial centres like Singapore have blossomed to become new havens for international finance, trade and gold investment. At the heart of Singapore’s rise to top tier financial centre has been its respect for investors’ rights, privacy and modern day needs.

Singapore is also a leading hub for gold investment, with growing bullion markets and superb vaulting facilities. The ‘Singapore Free Port’ was also tailored to the needs of international investors, and is an increasingly popular location for gold bullion storage.

Singapore’s rise in the gold markets has become even more noticeable recently, as Western investors have sought new improved destinations and alternatives when they invest in gold. If a bullion vault in stable, independent Singapore appeals to you, our Singapore storage facility is the perfect solution.

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