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Buy Swiss gold

For ultimate peace of mind

We provide a secure, approved vault in Geneva, Switzerland, enabling individuals to store their gold investments in the historical safe haven for international investors.

Why buy gold in Switzerland? Switzerland has traditionally attracted foreign investment due to its deep respect for the property right of investors, the rule of law, and of course sound money and gold bullion investment.

The strength of the Swiss franc, and thus much of its appeal, was due to its high reserve backing with gold bullion stored deep in secure Swiss vaults. For this reason the Swiss franc was described as ‘as good as gold’.

Today Switzerland remains a safe haven for those looking to invest in gold, as debt burdened governments around the developed world look at new ways to tax and our savings and investments.

Gold bullion investment in Switzerland continues from strength to strength as individuals look for a safer haven and to diversify their savings and investments. If a Swiss gold vault appeals to you most, our Geneva storage facility is perfectly suited to meet your needs.

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