Take possession & delivery

Of your bullion investments

Even though we provide the most comprehensive storage options, some investors choose to take personal possession after they buy gold bullion online.  If you simply prefer to buy gold and then store it at home, our service provides you with a simple and efficient means to take delivery.

If you own a kilo of gold, or 1000 ounces (approx. 30kgs) of silver, on our platform you can request delivery to a location of your choice. We charge a simple admin fee of £25, $40, €35 per bar delivered, which we transparently add onto the carriers costs.

Taking bullion out of the professional market’s ‘chain of integrity’ does mean that is it loses its ‘good delivery’ status, which affects its resale value.

If you’re new to buying gold bullion and storage and delivery options, feel free to email us at your convenience or speak to our Support Team on +44 (0) 207 283 1953.

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