Avoid the banks & financial system

Independent vault storage

Once you have gained access to the most efficient gold prices, buying physical gold also means you can hold your investment outside of the financial system.

Why buy gold outside of the banking system? By avoiding banks you reduce your exposure to systemic risk and financial counterparties, and help secure your wealth when buying gold.

When you buy gold online using our platform, the bullion is already stored in the most secure, independent vaults. We work with trusted vault providers to the professional markets, such as Via Mat and Malca Amit. Your bullion is insured at incredibly low costs, all included in our competitive storage fees.

We have also pioneered unique new ways to invest in bullion online. If you own 1kg of gold or 1000 ounces (approx. 30gks) of silver, we can help you open your own personal vault. This allows you to buy gold bullion, and then store your investment using the vaulting infrastructure previously only accessible to professional investors.

We offer the own vault service with Malca Amit who have a presence in 28 countries and provide regular statements direct to you. Not only does our own vault service gives you even more control, it provides you with international diversification like never before.

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