Your own vault account

With the best bullion vault providers

Our unique Own Vault service enables investors to enjoy their own bullion vault account, direct with our storage partner. Provided with vaulting specialists, Malca Amit, our Own Vault service enables retail investors bespoke and easier access to the most secure, professional market vaults for their gold investments.

Once you own >1 kg of gold or >30 kgs of silver on our platform, contact us to start the process with the vault providers, helping you efficiently take delivery into your own bullion vault account in over 20 locations. When you want to sell later, simply deliver bullion back into our vaults and access our efficient markets, 24/7, for the best gold prices.

See the table below for full details:

  Metal Indicative costs
Gold   0.5% / annum for 1 kg
 Silver   1% / annum for 30 kgs

Fees mentioned are indicative and you will agree your own, similar fees when you sign your storage agreement with Malca Amit, providers of your bullion vault. To use the Own Vault service, follow three simple steps.