Flexible savings plans

For accumulating gold & silver bullion

Our flexible choice of savings plans are the ideal way to save in allocated gold and silver. Choose from the options below to save in physical bullion on your terms:

  • Gold Savings Plan
  • Silver Accumulator
  • Gold and Silver Saver (you choose what percentage to invest in gold and silver)

After opening an account with The Real Asset Company you can save as much as you want, as regularly as you want, all at the latest gold and silver prices. You just need to set up a standing order and contact us, providing the following details:

  • Username
  • Source bank account name
  • Unique deposit reference (login to find this in your ‘Deposit’ section)
  • Standing order amount
  • Frequency/dates of the standing order
  • Percentage of standing order to invest in gold and/or silver
  • The location you wish to store your gold in (Geneva/Singapore/London)

You’re then set to build up your gold savings every time your standing order arrives.

Important: When setting up your standing order please add ‘SO’ to the end of your unique deposit reference. This ensures that your deposit is picked up in our system as a standing order and will be processed as part of the bullion savings plan.

Please note: Transaction fees for Bullion Savings plans are 1% per transaction.

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Our gold and silver savings plans are one of the things that make us the best place to buy gold. Avoid the stress of trying to time the market and buy gold or silver at the right time each month. Sit back and automatically buy gold and silver using our bullion savings plans, without even having to lift a finger.