Fees & commissions

For using your account

Understand the fees we charge for using our allocated bullion accounts, then view the fees for premium services such as registering bars in your name. You can also find fee details here for taking delivery of your gold and silver bars.

Please note we don’t charge any fees outside of the first table below for buying gold with your SIPP, investing for your children and God-children with a trust account or using our flexible bullion savings plans. For any questions about fees send us an email or call +44 (0) 203 287 8130.

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Asset Transaction fees Storage fees
Gold 0.75%* 0.12% / year, or minimum of £5, $7, or €6 / month.
Silver 0.75%* 0.48% / year, or minimum of £7, $10, or €9 / month.
Platinum 1.75% 0.5% / year, or minimum of £5, $7, or €6 / month.
Palladium 1.75% 0.6% / year, or minimum of £7, $10, or €9 / month.
Goldbloc 1.25% No storage fee for 2015
  • Storage fees are collected by location. Eg – if you hold gold in two locations, two separate storage fees would be incurred.
  • For accounts with holdings over £10,000 per location a monthly minimum of £10 for gold and £14 for silver, or currency equivalent will apply.
  • Storage fees are not applied to promotional commodity balances that we may offer as a welcome gift. You need to fund your account and buy commodities with your own money before storage fees are incurred.
  • * Transaction fees are 1% for Bullion Savings Plans.

Fee details for registering gold bars and receiving your refinery certificates:

Bullion Registration fees
Gold bars 2.5% for 100g, 2.0% for 250g, 1.5% for 500g and 1% for 1kg bars

Beyond our fees to buy and store bullion we charge 4 fees that are less frequently incurred:

Fee types Fee details
Cash withdrawal £20, $30, €27 per withdrawal off the platform
Change of registered bank account £25, $40, €35 per account change
Return of unreferenced/unknown deposits £25, $40, €35 per return transaction
Delivery into client’s own vault / personal custody £25, $40, €35 admin fee per bar & carrier’s costs. Clients need to own 100g bars or 1kg bars of gold, or 1000 ounces (approx 30kg) of silver

For information on opening your personal vault account email us or call us on +44 (0) 203 287 8130.

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