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The top five gold commentators

There are a range of commentators on the precious metals but there is a golden elite whose insights, opinions and research should not be missed by gold investors. These gold market luminaries can be found in a number of places, and come from a variety of backgrounds. We thought it a good moment to pay our respects, explain to others why these gold commentators are so notable and deserving of your attention, and talk a bit more about why we think they’re so great. Read on for a range of sources that are sure to help your gold investment knowledge.

We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 gold commentators, who are worth seeking out. This is by no means scientific or definitive, but it is a collection of bankers, investors, traders and entrepreneurs who have helped us develop our world view. We have only included commentators that are alive and thus highly accessible today, had we not the late Ferdinand Lips would have surely been included. We have also tried to keep it focused on the gold and silver markets; we would otherwise have been sure to mention the likes of wider forecasters and trend spotters such as Bill Bonner. Tell us if we’ve missed anyone off the list in the comments section below! And, while you’re at it recommend your favourite commentators or analysts.

Jim Sinclair – ‘Mr Gold’

Jim Sinclair is a legendary trader with decades of experience in the gold, silver, commodities, and foreign exchange markets. He is often known as Mr Gold because of his hugely deep knowledge of and association with the gold market. Jim grew up amongst trading royalty, his father being business partners with Jesse Livermore. He has built and sold a number of financial businesses, worked as a advisor to the Hunt brothers in the early 1980s to help run down their silver position, and has published numerous magazine articles and books about investment and the markets.

Back in 2000 Jim forecast a gold price of $1,760 in ten years’ time. His price target was hit in August 2011, rather poetically on the day of the August GATA conference in London. Can he correctly forecast the gold market again? We cannot say for sure, but Jim is better placed than almost anyone else to try. Gold investors will be greatly helped in their journey by this market heavyweight.

You can regularly hear Jim speak on King World News, and we also highly recommend his website that is a fantastic free resource for gold investors:

Ben Davies

Since founding his precious metals fund in 2007, Ben Davies has shot to prominence in the precious metals markets where he is one of the top commentators and investors. His place at number two in our list is all the more remarkable because he is many years (in some cases decades!) younger than the assembled company. His historical grasp of the gold and silver markets lacks precious little when compared to more senior others listed here.

Ben was previously a trader in the fixed income markets, and was previously head of trading at RBS Greenwich Capital in London. We had the pleasure of interviewing Ben earlier in 2012. Ben’s fund, Hinde Capital, produces some of the best research for gold and silver investors. Hinde’s research is deep, extensive and highly educational, but be warned it can sometimes be over 50 pages long. Ben’s reports cover a range of areas from the danger of gold ETFs, state intervention in markets, and even short term market updates with a specific market call. There are few, if any, who can call markets consistently over the short term, by Ben, like Jim Sinclair above, is one of the best placed to do so. His piece ‘Silver Criticality’ was one of the best short term calls in the volatile silver market. He told us he had to rush this out in 24 hours, in time with his suddenly building hunch about a drop in the silver price. Ben’s research will also direct you onto other great academics, analysts and traders, such as Peter Bernholz, Didier Sornette, Benoit Mandelbrot and others, whose research, books and insights will also help your investing and world view.

You can read reports from Hinde Capital here, and Ben also features regularly on King World News. You can enjoy Ben’s Tweetstream and personal insights into his business life via @HindeCapital.

Eric Sprott

Eric Sprott has many decades of experience in the investment industry and founded the now >$11bn Sprott Asset Management. Eric is one of the most eloquent speakers and writers in the precious metals markets, and another very popular conference speaker. His analyses of wider macro issues affecting currency wars, leverage and debt, and state induced imbalances is superb. Eric is a thought leader for investors, and savers might benefit from listening carefully to him on why keeping money in the bank is not necessarily a safe investment.

Eric is another investor not afraid to call individuals and institutions to account. He is an outspoken critique of the meddling of central bankers, and campaigns for greater fairness in the precious metals markets. Specifically Eric has a grievance with the price discovery process that sets the gold and silver prices. He believes the paper and derivatives markets set the gold price, when it is in fact the physical market that is the real and honest market investors should participate in. It was for this reason that Eric called on silver miners to think differently about the silver bullion product they produce.

Eric appears regularly on King World News, and he and others from Sprott AM write excellent monthly newsletters called ‘Markets at a Glance’.

James Turk

James Turk is another godfather of the gold market. He was a trained banker, with Chase Manhattan Bank, before moving into the investment and trading worlds. James also managed commodities for an Abu Dhabi Sovereign Wealth Fund, and has written “The Freemarket Gold & Money Report” since 1987. James’ analysis, and his ‘Fear Index’, have become greatly respected in the precious metals markets.

James is a great student of sound money and Austrian economics, and is now heavily focused on educating investors and voters. He co-authored ‘Dollar Collapse’ with John Rubino, a financial book about the demise of the dollar and how to profit from it. The book and the associated website ( come highly recommended; you can also read our comment and analysis on this website. James’ GoldMoney Foundation does great work spreading the word about gold, silver, and the problems in the global financial system. The foundation’s interviews with academics, politicians, investors and traders may well aid your gold investment knowledge.

James is another regular on the financial news site, King World News.

Jim Rickards

Jim Rickards is an investment banker with over three decade’s experience in the markets. He is also a trained lawyer and has served as General Counsel at several financial institutions. Jim was the principal negotiator of the government-sponsored rescue of the LTCM hedge fund collapse of 1998, and also assists the Department of Defence in their understanding of financial warfare.

Jim has become a well-known figure in the precious metals markets due to his breadth and depth of financial knowledge, including monetary history and gold. He is another favourite on investment podcasts, financial news shows, and money websites. Jim’s book ‘Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis’ became a New York Times best seller, and is now a much read and cited financial book. During the promotion of this book economist Nouriel Roubini called out Jim via Twitter for his discussion of the gold standard. In our humble opinion Jim proved to be much better versed in the detail of this technical discussion than Mr Roubini, who continues to broad cast strong opinions of the direction of the gold price without much of a record.

You can regularly hear Jim talking gold, the markets and the economy on King World News, whilst his regular blogs on Seeking Alpha are also highly recommended. You can follow Jim on Twitter via @JamesGRickards, for an amusing and insightful Tweetstream.

The golden quintet

We hope you enjoy listening to and reading these commentators. We think you’ll find their analysis educational and even eye-opening. Sir Isaac Newton once quipped: “If I have seen further it is by standing on ye sholders of Giants [sic]”.

You may well be able to use the individuals above to do similarly, and understand more about the future of the gold and silver prices. (As mentioned above do use the comments section below to add your opinions and favourite gold commentators).

Please Note: Information published here is provided to aid your thinking and investment decisions, not lead them. You should independently decide the best place for your money, and any investment decision you make is done so at your own risk. Data included here within may already be out of date.

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About the Author

Will BancroftWill Bancroft is Co-Founder of The Real Asset Company, a market place for individuals to invest in gold, silver and precious metals. Will also contributes commentary and analysis to the Research Desk. His interest in financial markets and investment led to a keen interest in monetary economics, gold and silver. Will is passionate about gold’s role in a portfolio and his views appear on sites and media such as Kitco, Market Oracle, Seeking Alpha, Stockopedia, The Telegraph and Yahoo Finance. Follow Will on Google+, and get his commentary via our RSS feed.View all posts by Will Bancroft

  • Peter

    No mention of FOFOA then I see, just the usual list of hard money socialists. Alles klar!

  • Crack

    Wow! Another roll call for the elite of Klueless World News – yipee!

    • Vik Devraj

      ‘Klueless World News’… ha, well I guess it takes two opinions to make a market. All I know is that excluding Kyle Bass, Jim Rogers and a few others they get access to a pretty fair amount of the top investors IMHO.

  • Jerry

    I appreciate the list of respected advisors. Only time will tell if their shared perspectives are accurate, or not.

    Had you written this article on gold and silver commentators a few years ago I would have added Ted Butler. He’s not a gold bug, but his insights into silver have changed the way “the other” precious metal is viewed. I say a few years ago, because I forgive your exclusion as Ted mainly keeps to himself these days for his paid subscribers.

    Thanks again for the kudos to deserving folks.

  • Paul I

    “hard money socialists”, an excellent oxymoron!

  • Ean De Vosper

    Good read, and not a bad selection.

    What about Doug Casey? He has a multi-decade track record of buying value. Might not be a short term trader, but he’d get you in and out of the gold bull market at pretty good times I reckon. Also, who’d you give your portfolio to in the list to manage if you had to? I’m saying Ben Davies.

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  • http://- Jon

    Where’s Nadler and Gartman? Very disappointing not to see them high on the list….

    • G. Miki

      Nadler and Gartman? Ha ha.

      For general economic news, Try Jim Puplava at Financial Sense Newshour. Jim reads voraciously and is truly down to earth–has an investment firm and is a big resources maven. He does nearly daily podcasts with all the top analysts.

    • steve

      Nadler is an infamous disinformation expert of Gold and silver. he has spent most of his energies in always knocking Gold and silver. he is constantly wrong. I have caught him out many times . Stay away. Gartman is a show man- have some fun but don’t take seriously

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  • tom

    Great choices, except for Rickards. Rickards is CIA, works for the power elite and NEVER, EVER talks about ending the fed, only mending it. Consequently, he`s always blathering on about going back to a gold standard, which is obviously the wrong approach. Listen to Ron Paul when he admonishes us to go for competing currencies, not another government-run gold standard (which will only be abused and thrown off sometime in the future).

    Because it`s a fool`s errand to try and med the Fed, it must be ended. Rickards has tipped his hand and cannot be trusted.

  • Kyle

    Good list! Jim Sinclair is my favorite! The only one you missed was James Dines who is the original gold bug. He should take Jim Rickards spot who has not always been friendly to gold and silver.

  • Neil

    Don’t disagree with the commentators chosen above. I also very much like the hard hitting Jim Willie – see

  • Jon

    Ben Davies at No2 ahead of James Turk and Eric Sprott? Ha! what a joke. This is a funny article.

  • Charles Savoie

    I have no interest in any alleged ranking on someone’s totem pole of personalities. Information and results matter most rather than who has the message, because the rank and file is the group that matters most. Someone began by focusing on gold, then some years later included silver, due to Ted Butler’s influence. Then I as ranking historian in silver was accorded tacenda status (passed over in silence). Others ask funds for their work, mine is always as public service only Archives of and 2 sites and The Silver Users Association has to date mentioned only 2 long side voices in silver. Butler is one. I’m the other. The 2 featured documentaries at the last 2 sites tally 761 pages of intense documentation as to who the metals suppressors are. All free access and in response to 1 of these the metals suppressors finally erected a site in summer 2011 At their site they mention Caspar Weinberger (a member) who as Defense Secretary presided over the give-away of most of the former USA strategic silver stockpile to the Silver Users Association. It is not central banks, bullion banks or governments suppressing precious metals. It’s this one organization you just now read about, and they’ve been suppressing as an organization since 1902 and before that their antecedents for generations.

  • Gary Swanson

    I have observed and participated/invested in the PM markets for forty-one years. Jim Sinclair would also be number one on my list, but no one has demonstrated a better understanding of the fundamentals and drivers of the current bull market (since 1999) than Bill Murphy and Chris Powell of GATA. They have exposed the corruption and manipulation of the markets over a decade ago. The mantra of government and central bank interference has only been taken up by all on your list in the last few years. Rickards doesn’t deserve to be on the list. His involvement with LTCM and bullion/central banks certainly qualify him to speak to the manipulation issue, but where was he all these years? After GATA endured ridicule for years, Rickards finally leaves the “dark side” and shares some of his insight supporting what Murphy and Powell have been championing all along. GATA should share the number one spot on your list with Mr. Sinclair.

  • Jamie Josephs

    What about Roubini? He’s apparently an expert on the gold price, and knows more than any gold investment expert out there:


  • Lorne

    You’ve missed the Greatest of Them All – Dean Harry Schultz.

  • john flippen

    Bob Moriarity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dmitry Smantil

      Here here for Bob Moriarty! The guy calls it right so often… a veritable god of gold investment. He’s at


      • Kathy Sykes

        Agreed on Bob Moriarty. Under rated by the high profile folks in the gold investment community but always worth listening to. The guy’s a real American hero too.

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  • Ted Spaeth

    I think Richard Russell should be on the list. He’s around 87 years old, and he has been giving great arguments for owning gold for many years. See

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    Interesting Article. In my opinion, apart from the above experts, there are many legendary personalities with proven track records and rich field knowledge as below :-

    i) GATA’s Mr.Bill Murphy and Mr.Chris Powell ( ;
    ii) Mr.Richard Russell ;
    iii) BMG Bullion’s Mr.Nick Barisheff (;

    & All Writers/Contributors for below popular (gold & silver investment related) useful websites :-

    i) ;
    ii) ;


  • John Dodds

    The US$ has converted all paper currencies into derivatives of the US$ and all debt in the world is US debt. Due to the gold standard being suspended thus concealing rising world debt the US converted all the currencies knowing what gold was held by each country so by allowing the US to sort out the debt, all countries can go back to their original currencies and let the US have the debt. Assurance of stability was not fulfilled, contract null and void. Apply for repudiation of all debt to the Supreme court and return to previous currency. Or one big class action from all countries against US.
    US can hide behind banks but as it feeds funds into the banks they are legitimate wings of Government, class action is appropriate. John

  • IndianaJohn

    James Dines (The Original Goldbug) and premier money educator is not mentioned. He is in his own category after all. And Harry Schultz? Mabe too old and too smart to be listed with the youngsters also.

    Though the five men on your list are well qualified to be there.

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  • Bill Jones

    Jim Richards is no trader, Ben Davies. Who wrote this dribble

  • Aidan

    It’s all good talking about these older more experienced gold investors, but you need to be careful that some of the guys mentioned in article and comments don’t become hostage to ‘groupthink’. James Turk, Eric Sprott, Doug Casey, Rick Rule, John Embry and a few others are all mates and part of the same crew. Sprott and Casey own part of GoldMoney, and Rick Rule is now part of the Sprott group. No disrespect to them, but we are all only human and sometimes lean on the analysis of our mates a little too easily.

    For this reason I think Ben Davies is so impressive. His knowledge of finance, markets and financial history is outstanding, yet he is only 40 odd. He is not part of the gold investment mainstream, and Hinde Capital is still very independent and reasoned in its thinking – Apart from when Eric King tempts Ben into making a prediction too far he is an outstanding trader and analyst… I’m just glad I didn’t buy gold again based on his calls earlier this year on KWN of new price highs by the summer. Other than that he totally deserves his place on the podium with Sinclair.

  • Greg Strebel

    The inclusion of Jim Rickards on the list is very interesting. Rickards is very connected and very clever, however the paranoid side of me suspects he may be a tool of the Power Elite. One way the PE promotes its interests is to include false information with valid facts. When you hear a bunch of information that largely supports your existing opinions, your level of scepticism is often compromised, and you are susceptible to adopting some new opinions or ‘facts’ as your own since you impute in the speaker a level of trustworthiness.
    Last month Rickards characterized the saving wealth in the form of gold as putting money into a dead end which does not contribute to the economy. This is clearly false, since the companies and individuals in the entire gold supply chain are paid ultimately by your purchase, and this currency continues to flow in a manner similar to any other purchase. Gold is no more of a dead end than any other ‘non-productive’ asset, and we certainly don’t disparage the purchase of paintings, furniture, art objects, even consumables. Gold is purchased partly in expectation that it will retain its real value, ie future purchasing power, when fiat currencies are seen to be diminishing like a block of ice left out in the noonday sun. This is its use, to be a store of value, and this is as valid a use as a work of art or a stockpile of any consumed commodity. Warren Buffet and Charlie what’s his name may criticize precious metals as being non-productive assets but they too are misleading the listener. If I want to purchase shares of a producing company I will do so, as part of my portfolio. But if I want a very liquid and portable store of value for insurance in the event that a coercive, police state government expropriates the assets of my company or prevents access to bank account balances, or any of the panoply of restrictions and thefts committed by governments the world over at various times, then precious metals fit the bill.
    Warren’s father Howard was a huge supporter of the gold standard and critic of fiat money. Warren has learned (exceedingly well) how to profit in a fiat money system, so he talks his book and decries precious metals. How his adherents fail to see how far Berkshire Hathaway has trailed precious metals for the past ten years is a clear example of rigid paradigms, confirmation bias and the unconscious dismissal of evidence that is at odds with existing opinions.

  • steve

    The best of all with no vested monetary interest was the late Bob Chapman. I learned an awful lot about PM from this man which has served me well ( RIP Bob and thanks ). JIm Sinclair- yes he is knowledgeable, Ben Davies- couldn’t comment, James turk- his problem is he is always trying to predict a price and movement almost weekly- he has lost some credibility over this. Rickards – not sure he could be a disinformation plant. ( never did trust ex Government advisors )

  • tiberius

    I would add Chris Powell, Bill Murphy and Doug Casey. And although he has recently passed away, Bob Chapman was excellent and his commentary can still be found on the internet (and is still relevant).

  • oolalaa

    Don’t forget Peter Schiff. he surely must qualify.

  • Confounded Interest

    Careful folks.

    Excluding Bron Suchecki from this list is a fatal flaw that risks undermining your own cred.

    Schiff and others, while admirably gutsy and committed investors, as commentators are merely part of the overly shrill echo chamber.

    Suchecki is unbiased and genuinely expert, almost in a class by himself.

    • whbancroft

      Hi Confounded Interest,

      Thanks for reading my piece and for your great comment.

      I hadn’t actually heard of Bron Suchecki when I wrote this, but I have since with our COMEX piece: Thanks for the recommendation and we’ve just seen Bron stop by himself and comment on this COMEX piece!

  • brandall715

    No schiff?!