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Use our Education Centre to understand the differences between gold and silver, find key gold and silver facts and learn how to keep up-to-date with markets and news. See how to keep up-to-date with the bullion markets, access the best information and expert comment and use our essential investor tools.

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Benefits of bullion
A unique asset

Gold and silver bars are different to financial assets in that they have no counterparty risk to banks and the financial system.

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About bullion

The case for gold
Securing your wealth

Physical gold bullion holds its value better than other assets and has been used for centuries as the foundation of wealth.

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The case for silver
The restless metal

Silver is more volatile than gold and sought after by bullion investors who want to take a bit more risk for greater gains.

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About silver

Buying both metals
The best of both

You don’t have to choose between physical gold or silver. Enjoy the benefits of holding both precious metals in your portfolio.

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How to value gold
Gold price calculators

Understand the recognised methods investors turn to to value gold, then use them yourself with our gold price calculators.

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Gold vs cash
The key differences

Smart investors understand that allocated physical gold offers investors very different things to cash in the bank.

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When to buy bullion
Investment timing

Understand annual and long-term trends in gold prices and give yourself the best opportunity to buy gold at the right time.

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Price trends

The misconceptions
Busting the myths

Learn how to avoid falling victim to popular gold investment myths and invest with a clear, informed mindset.

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Bust myths

Background to silver
Gold’s sister metal

Learn about the history of silver, how we’ve mined it throughout the ages, and silver’s unsurpassed number of modern applications.

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About silver

More myths to bust

Understand a range of misconceptions about silver, and learn how to bust myths and invest with all the facts to hand.

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Silver myths

The gold silver ratio
What does it mean

Learn what this key ratio for bullion investors means for your holdings and larger trends in gold and silver investing.

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Positives of silver
Seeking greater gains

Silver prices might be more volatile than gold prices, but it is this potential upside that attracts investors to silver bullion.

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Gold price charts
Gold price history

Use our comprehensive range of price charts to view the latest prices and understand long-term trends affecting your investments.

Price charts

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The Daily Nugget
From Jan Skoyles

Read Jan’s daily bulletin for gold and silver investors, to hear the latest market developments and what they mean for investors.

The Daily Nugget


Comment & analysis
Market opinions

Enjoy expert comment from Jan Skoyles and respected research partners, uncovering key issues in the gold bullion markets today.

Comment & analysis

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Best of the Web
Global views

Find expert comment and opinion from premier analysts across four continents and get the global view on gold and silver investing news.

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