Gold for investment

The financial role of gold

Since the turn of the millennium, the housing bubble and financial crises, gold investment has grown in popularity. 12 years or steadily rising gold prices has rewarded those that invest in gold, as gold’s qualities as a safe harbour have been newly appreciated by modern day savers and investors.

Although often referred to as gold investment, choosing to buy gold bullion is more about saving and wealth preservation. When you look to buy gold you are first taking steps to maintain your purchasing power before looking to earn a return on your gold investments.

As we all know gold does not pay interest or a dividend, but its supply cannot be increased by man in contrast to paper money. Physical gold is also vastly different to other investments, in that it has no risk to counterparties or banks, and its value can never go to zero like bonds, equities and other financial instruments. It’s for this reasons that our clients tell us they use our platform like a saving account for gold and silver bullion.

Should I buy gold today? Gold investing is prudent way to diversify a portfolio, reduce risk and protect yourself from the financial system, banks, and inflation. For these reasons gold investment has proved ideal for smart investors looking to secure their wealth and preserve their purchasing power.

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