Isn’t it difficult and tricky to buy gold?

Sometimes old opinions die hard

One misconception about buying gold bullion is that is difficult for individuals and should be left to gold investment professionals and traders.

We believe this could not be further from the truth.

Excepting a few bits of jargon, the physical gold bullion market is not complicated or opaque, making it easy to buy gold successfully at live gold prices.

You simply need to ensure that you buy gold bars of professional market purity (9995 parts per thousand pure), that you buy allocated not unallocated gold, that you store your gold in recognised vaults and that you invest in gold as efficiently as you can.

Should I buy gold? Use our essential gold investing tips and be sure to stay on the right track when you buy gold online. You can also enter our live gold markets to see the latest price of gold and how we enable you to buy gold the right way.

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