Isn’t gold a bad investment?

Understanding gold’s long-term returns

Although physical gold bullion is not an investment per se, being best described as money or savings, it has actually outperformed the stock markets over the last 40 years.

It is true that gold experienced a bear market in the ‘80s and ‘90s, when stocks were ever more popular. However stock markets experience cycles as well, with the post 2000 period being particularly unrewarding for stock investors. In the last 12 years physical gold has far outperformed the major stock markets, and famous stock investors like Warren Buffett, with less volatility in the price of gold.

In today’s uncertain world, amidst low global confidence and the poor performance of other investment classes, gold investing continues to shine brightly.

Should I buy gold now though? Expert gold analysts who spotted the beginning of this 12 year gold investment bull market argue that gold will again be one of the best assets to hold this decade, often adding that silver bullion might have even more upside for those with a more speculative appetite. Check the live gold price to see where gold is today.

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