Don’t you have to be rich to buy gold?

How technology has changed gold investing

In a word, no.

A popular misconception about gold investing, is that you have to be rich to do it. Before the internet era, it may have been less efficient for smaller buyers to invest in gold, but even then gold bullion coins and small bars could be bought over the counter via your local bullion dealer at the latest gold price.

This misconception might stem from bygone eras when there was greater economic inequality. During these times physical gold bullion was used by the sophisticated merchant class for banking and trading, whilst the less well-off used silver investment coins for their commercial dealings.

Today, our platform makes it possible to buy gold bullion securely and efficiently online. You can even buy as little as one gram at a time, all at the live gold price per gram. View our gold investment markets to see how gold investing has never been so open and accessible.

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