Where to buy gold?

Choices for bullion investors

After deciding you want to invest gold bullion, you next need to decide where to buy physical gold.

There are a range of physical gold solutions available to you; some on the high street and some online.

High street bullion dealers with a shop you can walk into, to then buy gold over the counter, are ways to buy gold bars for cash or card payment. However, if you can find a local bullion shop near you, you might find the costs and spreads too punitive for efficient gold investing.

Online coin and bar sellers are essentially bullion dealers moved online and although internet shops help reduce costs and spreads for gold bars and coins, investors still find this way to invest in gold inefficient for larger amounts.

The Real Asset Company’s investment platform enables individuals to buy gold bullion stored in professional vaults at extremely efficient gold prices. Buying vaulted gold is preferred by investors who want greater efficiency and security, and is like having a savings account for gold bullion.

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