Buying gold & silver

Allocations to both metals

Gold and silver investments are very different, bringing contrasting benefits to a portfolio. It is essential for precious metal investors to understand these key differences to get the most out of their gold and silver investing.

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Ideally suited for savers and investors looking to preserve their wealth and diversify their portfolio, gold bullion has traditionally represented a safe haven for long-term security and confidence. This is the primary reason to buy gold online. With live gold prices driven by standard supply and demand principles, the market has witnessed year on year increases since 2000 as risk in the financial world has prompted more investors to buy gold, in search of physical bullion’s unique properties.

Key reasons to buy gold bullion include:

  • Protection from problems in financial system
  • Portfolio diversification via gold investment
  • Concerns about inflation and money printing
  • Offers security against deflation, defaults and concern with financial products

Typically seen as a more volatile commodity, silver bullion has often been described as the restless metal, with market prices driven by both its commercial application as well as investment demand. This additional influence has made for greater fluctuation in the silver price, and tends to attract the less risk averse. It could be said that more speculative investors buy silver bullion, in pursuit of greater silver price gains.

Key reasons to buy silver include:

  • Diversification from traditional financial assets
  • Small market with growing demand
  • Above ground supplies shrinking
  • Increasing industrial uses adding to demand

Whilst gold and silver are very different metals, it is noteworthy how many precious metal investors buy gold, but also buy silver bullion too. Many of our clients hold both metals using our platform, varying their percentage allocations to each metal.

Our more risk averse clients might buy 80% gold and 20% silver, whilst some of our more risk tolerant users might have much higher percentages of silver in their precious metal holdings.

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