Physical gold bullion

The King of real assets

Why buy gold? Historically considered to be the ultimate asset, gold bullion bars have been used for centuries as a store of value. With limitations on its availability, everyone from kings to central banks have used gold investment as the foundation of their wealth.

The key to gold’s appeal has been its ability to maintain its purchasing power over numbers of years, in contrast to currencies and other financial assets. Did you know that an ounce of gold buys you to the same amount of goods and services as it did in Roman times? An ounce gold coin that would have bought you a hand-made toga and leather sandals, would buy you a tailored suits and pair of shoes today.

Knowing this, prudent investors have turned to gold as the ultimate form of financial insurance, within their diversified portfolio. Gold bullion is a unique diversifier for savers and investors with a need for greater security and control.

Fortunately, it’s now even easier to own thanks to our next generation platform.

Benefits of bullion Understanding the negatives