The case for silver bullion

Gold’s volatile sister metal

To some investors, silver bullion is the most alluring of the precious metals. Being a smaller investment market than gold, inflows into silver have the potential to result in greater price rises for owners of silver bullion.

Silver is indeed the metal of choice for investors that prefer to take a bit more risk, for potentially larger gains, and some investors on our platform prefer to only buy silver. These silverbugs are passionate about ‘the restless metal’, so named due to its typical price volatility.┬áIt is often true that silver prices might rise twice as fast as gold prices, on the way up; also falling twice as fast as gold on the way down.

This volatility in the silver price might make silver too tricky for prudent savers who prefer to only buy gold, but the two precious metals can also compliment each other very well in a diversified portfolio. In fact we find that nearly half of our clients like to invest in gold and silver.

What’s right for you? Only you can decide that, so enjoy working out what allocation to the precious metals you prefer.