Allocated bullion accounts

Buying physical gold that you own

Perhaps the most efficient way to buy gold bullion is using an allocated account, which acts like a bank account for gold bullion.

How do I buy gold in an allocated account? Using our next generation platform you can open an allocated account with The Real Asset Company and buy gold online. Our platform enables you to:

  • Buy gold of recognised purity from the professional markets
  • Own physical gold bullion that is your legal property
  • Buy as little as one gram at live gold prices per gram
  • Buy/sell at the most efficient live gold price 24/7
  • Store your gold in independent vaults used by the professional bullion markets
  • Hold your investment outside of the banking system
  • Take possession of your gold bullion

Allocated gold accounts were historically the most secure way to buy gold in physical form, and the digital age has made this type of gold investment easier and more transparent. These improvements in allocated gold accounts has made it even more popular to invest in gold online at the latest price of gold. This is why we believe our service is the best way to buy gold.

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