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The history of silver

A deep monetary past

Silver bullion has an even longer monetary history than its more illustrious yellow cousin. The famous economist, Milton Friedman, wrote that: ‘the major monetary metal in the world is silver, not gold’.

Silver has also been termed ‘the restless metal’, as spot silver prices have proven to be more volatile than gold prices over hundreds of years. Between 1273 and 1465 the silver price increased by 86% during a time where gold’s value was much more constant and in the modern era silver prices have often out-performed gold prices for significant periods of time during the post-2000 bull market in precious metals investing.

Silver’s rich monetary history has seen it extensively used as coinage, with rulers from the Romans to the US’ founding fathers finding silver bullion coins the best form of currency. Even today the popularity of silver coins is something to behold, with many mints and bullion dealers often selling the same dollar, pound or euro amounts of silver bullion coins as gold bullion coins.