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'Thanks to your education pages I quickly got up to speed before making my gold investments.' - Mark Darnell

I can only buy silver

Gold is too expensive

A common misconception that exists around precious metal investment is that gold is too expensive, and that therefore small investors are only able to buy silver bullion or silver coins.

These considerations might have affected investors in times past, when only bullion coins were an option. In this scenario one ounce coins of gold and silver would indeed have significant differences in costs. During these times, silver bullion was rightly deemed the metal of the people.

However, The Real Asset Company offers the best way to buy gold and silver online, in increments of one gram, making bullion investing more accessible.

Investors only wanting to allocate a few hundred dollars, pounds or euros, can not only invest in silver, they can begin their gold investing at this scale as well. Silver investing doesn’t need to be the only option for individual investors any more.