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Isn’t silver investing tricky?

Best left to professionals?

Silver is a volatile metal, with spot silver prices out-moving gold prices by multiples on the upside and downside.

If you understand the price volatility that can come with precious metals, however, and understand the nature of silver, this does not have to be so problematic to face if you invest in silver bullion without leverage or debt. By buying silver bullion ‘fully paid’ and not ‘on margin’, when volatility in silver prices affects your position you will not need to transfer more funds to your brokerage to meet margin calls.

Silver is indeed the metal of the people, and in brokerages across the world individuals often buy the same value amounts of silver bullion as they do gold bars.

It is silver’s volatility and potential for upward price moves that also attract the more speculative investor. These individuals are looking for capital appreciation from silver, in comparison to typical motives of capital preservation with buying allocated gold.