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Positives of silver investing

What makes silver a good investment?

Investing in silver has great attraction for some precious metal fans, who are drawn to the restless metal in the hope of great rises in the sport silver price and the resultant investment gains. There are a range of reasons that such investors lust after silver bullion and buy silver online.

The fundamentals driving silver prices, do indeed appear to be strong, and can be summarised as:

  • Rising industrial demand
  • Price inelastic supply
  • Growing silver investment demand
  • Small physical market

It is these factors that have earned silver the nickname: ‘gold on steroids’. Other investors explain how they buy silver when they are feeling greedy, and buy gold when they are feeling scared.

Ultimately investors need to decide if they have a part of their portfolio that is right for volatile silver and understand the risk that accompanies silver investing. It is true that there are committed fans of silver buying, but they can stomach the often large degrees of volatility in the current silver price.