Skoyles on Keiser Report: The Great Gold Migration

Earlier today Jan Skoyles appeared on the Keiser Report to discuss the significant volumes of gold seemingly moving from West to East.

Discussing The Real Asset Company’s latest research, ‘Inside the white hot Chinese gold market‘, Jan points to the huge volumes on the Shanghai Exchange compared to COMEX, and the significant delivery ratios. She wonders if ‘Mrs Wong’ is now playing Wall Street at their own game when it comes to gold investment and the gold price. As we said in earlier reports, the volumes going through Shanghai are not likely to impact on the global spot price just yet, but if anywhere is going to drive a wedge between the paper gold and physical gold market it will be China.

Max and Jan then go onto discuss the institutions involved in COMEX, namely JP Morgan. When it comes to COMEX, research from The Real Asset Company finds it isn’t quite at breaking point yet. Max asks if there ever will be. Jan believes that lots of mishaps in the global economy and an increasing desire to own gold will mean that institutions dominating gold won’t last forever.