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  • Buy gold apocalypse ahead

    What disaster economics means for investors

    A recent FT article about ‘Disaster Economics’ by Gillian Tett caught our attention. We’ve been fans of Ms Tett’s work for a while, especially her excellent book ‘Fool’s Gold’. This article was about the bond markets, but it was some interesting financial history and commentary …

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  • Financial Prices

    How Central Planning Has Affected Us

    In this must read Op-Ed piece, Mark Spitznagel, founder of “fat tail” focused hedge fund Universa, explains the fundamental flaws associated with central planning and specifically why “moral hazard” or the attempt to avoid the destructive part of the business cycle, is the greatest folly of …

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  • Rising Chart

    What 2012 has in store

    In a recent appearance with King World News top trends forecaster, Gerald Celente, had plenty to say about what 2012 might bring for investors and observers. Read more to hear what Gerald is forecasting and how this might affect the gold price and silver price. …

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  • Paper Financial Graph

    Inflation, deflation and the gold/silver markets

    In this research piece we look at whether the future for investors will be one of inflation or deflation, and ask how this will affect gold and silver bullion. We assess what outcomes of inflation and deflation will do to the financial system, and how …

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  • Credit Card

    Credit card debt is still rising

    The recent speech kerfuffle by David Cameron and his advisers over whether or not he should recommend we pay off our debts was an interesting one. We all know, of course, that the reason why it was cut from the final speech – it was …

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