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  • Buying gold bullion

    What percentage allocation to gold bullion is best?

    For the last two months we have been running a poll asking readers and clients ‘What % allocation to bullion do you prefer?’ This is an interesting question to ask, as we are frequently asked what percentage allocation to gold and silver we think investors …

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  • Unveiling the gold market’s working parts

    On the 12th and 15th April gold fell victim to a smash. Why this happened is something which is open to much analysis and theorising. For the mainstream media it was down to an improving global economy and the need to hold gold no longer …

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  • Rising Price Trend

    Is gold in your permanent portfolio?

    In a week where we have seen the gold price plummet and return to levels below $1600, investment decisions are feeling as confusing as ever. No-one knows if the Eurozone will make it to the end of next week and the markets are responding to …

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  • New gold bugs are young and restless

    As this younger generations leave education for the grown-up world they are finding themselves facing a far worse financial future than that of generations before them. They start their professional lives, often, already hindered by personal debt due to student loans. There is little encouragement …

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  • 2011 Gold & Silver Investment Summit

    Yesterday, The Real Asset Company attended the 2011 Gold & Silver Investment Summit hosted by MineServe. The conference brought together a wide range of expertise from across the gold and silver community. Mining companies not only had stands but also made company presentations in between …

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