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  • gold bullion vault

    Is gold a safe haven?

    When asked why we invest in gold the standard answer often involves, ‘because it is a safe haven,’ or, ‘because it is a hedge against financial collapse.’ Often people base these statement on historical examples many hundreds of years old, but what about in recent …

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  • Chinese gold investment

    How China is taking over the world, one gold bar at a time

    The year 2013 in the gold investment market will be remembered as the year of China, so we’ve produced a stunning infographic detailing China’s great golden rise to power. In just a few months the world’s largest country will overtake India as the biggest consumer …

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  • Daily Nugget – CFTC ends silver investigation

    The gold price gained 0.8% overnight as fears over the US debt ceiling have prompted some safe-haven buying. Concerns that the US government could ‘shut-down’ on October 17th grow increasingly realistic as Congress remains divided over raising the $16.7 trillion statutory limit on government borrowing. …

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  • Daily Nugget – gold gets shaky ahead of FOMC

    Overnight the spot gold price retreated to below $1300/oz, its lowest in almost six weeks, as concerns over tapering affected the yellow metal. This morning it is hovering just above this market with little expectation of climbing much further. The gold price’s fall was just 1%, …

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  • Federal Reserve

    How exactly will tapering affect gold bullion investment?

    Next week the FOMC will meet for one their eight scheduled meetings. It is this particular meeting that has had traders, market commentators and investors almost in frenzy as they try to predict the outcome. It seems everyone is convinced that tapering will go ahead, …

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