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  • Rising Price Trend

    This Precious Metal Could Rise 125% Over the Next 10 Months

    At The Real Asset Company we seem to have been talking a lot about the gold price and investing in gold recently. However its worth turning our attention back to another precious metal we’re big fans of – palladium. Demand for this metal is far …

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  • Palladium Surplus…

    It seems that palladium has taken the biggest knock of all the precious metals, particularly in recent months’ as there has been a rush for liquidity. Whilst there does appear to be excess supply at present, the demand for the metal does also seem to …

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  • Further downside risks to platinum price

    Platinum prices have suffered from significant sales pressure in recent weeks as concerns about the health of the global economy grow. In this article GoldMoney outline the industry and market demands for the metal and explain that regardless of the bad performance at the moment, …

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  • Platinum market flashing mixed signals

    With gold above platinum prices and demand for the industrial metal low, Roman Baudzus looks at recent occurrences in the platinum market and what lies on the horizon. The platinum price has suffered significant price declines in recent weeks, along with all other precious metals, …

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  • Platinum Investment

    Platinum, palladium prices to rocket

    Both the platinum and palladium price look set to soar after the Zimbabwean government have ordered foreign companies with shares in Zimbabwean mines to recede ownership. This now looks like a good time to buy platinum and palladium. Platinum and palladium prices might advance because …

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