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  • Gold and silver elements

    Are silver prices about to shine?

    With all the fuss about central bankers and their printing presses it seems most of the focus in recent months has been on the gold price and how the decision to buy gold bullion can protect you from the debasement of fiat money. However, the …

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  • Invest in gold in vaults

    Poll results – your favourite way to store gold bullion

    Will Bancroft takes a look at our recent poll results after a global range of gold investors and our readers gave their advice to those wanting to buy gold bullion and needing a little guidance with how to store their gold bullion. Read on for …

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  • Rising Price Trend

    Silver the restless metal

    Silver is a much smaller market than the gold market and quality research about the poor man’s gold can be less easy to find. One academic who does stand out though is the late Professor Roy Jastram, whose works on gold lead him to an …

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  • Gold and silver investment

    In search of silver

    In this article about the silver price, Will Bancroft takes a look at what the last year has delivered for silver investors, and what the future of silver investment might hold. Read on for more on what Professor Roy Jastram called “the restless metal”. Silver …

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