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  • Digital currencies

    20 years of technology improving the world of money

    For thousands of years one of the most powerful monopolies enjoyed by states was over money itself. Kings, Emperors and their administrations controlled the currency, its issuance and its use. During these years many forms of money were tried, ranging from pepper corns, disks of …

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  • Buy Bitcoin featured image

    Bitcoin…the money of the future?

    In the second of our features from The Real Asset Report we look at the rise of Bitcoin. To help us understand it a little better, we also talk to Max Keiser the ultimate Bitcoin Bull.    Where are you on Bitcoin? In our readers’ …

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  • Roman debasement featured image

    The Roman Emperors of today

    In the first of our features from The Real Asset Report, we bring you our look at Roman Currency debasement and how it compares to debasement today. “The U.S. government has a technology, called a printing press (or today, its electronic equivalent), that allows it …

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  • American gold investment

    Rand Paul’s Tea Party Manifesto

    With politicians in America and Europe so often being criticised and discredited,we take a refreshing look at a daring member of the US Senate and his brave and new ideas for the future. Rand Paul’s latest book is different from most other political offerings and …

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  • Bold Bullion Bars

    Why buy gold bullion with my pension?

    Savers and investors with pensions are increasingly looking at gold investment for safety and diversification. Over a decade of rising gold prices, and concerns about other asset classes has seen gold bullion become increasingly attractive for savers. With the financial crisis on-going and central bankers …

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