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Top 5 hubs that tell you the truth on gold

Here at The Real Asset Company we strive to tell you the truth on gold, but there are also other sites which we would also recommend to help keep you at the forefront of knowledge regarding gold and the how world and day-to-day events affect gold investment and the gold price.

Below we provide you with a list of some of our favourites and explain why they are worth checking out. We’ve even broken them down according to when we think they’re at their prime reading time.

You will find a common theme throughout the following sites – they are all pro free markets, take varying degrees of liberty minded standpoints and beautifully explain why the decision to buy gold bullion can be deemed important and necessary in today’s world. Whilst some may seem slightly ‘doom and gloom’ they are all in fact reminding you that a lot can be learnt and gained from the current crisis.

Maudlin Economics

–          The ‘Sunday evening, prep for the week ahead’ read

Run by New York Times bestseller, John Maudlin, this site is a hub of investment information and commentary on the economy and political goings on. John Maudlin frequently pops up on other websites and talking-head shows to discuss his prescriptions for avoiding the huge issues in the economy today. Often ahead of the game when it comes to financial crises, this economist sees sense in gold investment as an insurance policy against political and financial disruptions which we have all fallen victim to.

Maudlin Economics also provides a free subscription service to the phenomenal Grant Williams’ Things That Make You Go hmm newsletter. A favourite here in The Real Asset Company office, Mr Willliams’ chatter, stories and analysis looks at the problems facing the world economy and by the time you’ve finished reading you feel like you’ve put the world to rights.

He regularly puts across the argument for owning gold, and why the reason to is so simple. He is also honest about the problems facing gold, such as market rigging and manipulation. But, like all the others on our list he reaches the same conclusion – whilst gold may have its issues, none are as big as those facing the majority other investment options.

The newsletter provides you with plenty of reading material to help you assess the situation in the euro-zone, the US fiscal cliff and other financial-political areas. There are some useful links to videos and other articles which saves you time on trying to decide what you should read in your precious time.


–          The ‘cup of tea and a biscuit about 11am’ read

A magazine most famous for its ‘lists’ and celebration of capitalism, it should be no surprise that this is an excellent go to place on chatter about gold.

Our top three Forbes contributors who discuss gold and its role in society are Steve Forbes (editor-in-chief), Addison Wiggin and Ralph Benko. It’s definitely worth looking out for them and taking the time to read their thought-provoking articles.

Much chatter on this site recently has been about the gold-standard, in regard to both Romney’s potential ‘gold-commission’ and China’s hoarding of gold. For many of you a return to the may be a step too far. You may be interested in gold because of its history as a holder of value, rather than because you believe it is money and should return to the monetary system.

However, gold is already being used as money, and these writers for Forbes regularly remind us of its prominent use in the past and how it is returning once again thanks to some governments and central banks trashing their currencies, whilst their counterparts are in fact buying gold at a heady rate . They rarely write about the individual investor, but understanding that gold’s use on the international stage is increasing can only mean good things for those who have decided to buy gold.


–          The ‘read about 3pm when you need something exciting’ read

Zerohedge is the wakeup call you need from that slumber the mainstream media and politicians place you in. Using a machete like approach to make their way through the political and financial events, statements, data and anything else they can get their hands on they tell it like it is.

Mystery surrounds Zerohedge regarding where it came from, or if it just appeared one day, and everyone asks ‘who is Tyler Durden?’

Tyler Durden is the author of all the blog posts, just how many contribute under the pseudonym of the site’s author ‘Tyler Durden’ is a fact shrouded in mystery, whether it’s 4 or 40 rest assured that their chatter and commentary is full of impenetrable knowledge regarding economics, the financial world and the global crisis.

Unlike the other sites featured on this page, Zerohedge, is not commentary and analysis (most of the time). Instead it presents stories, statistics and mainstream ‘facts’ and turns them on their head, explaining just what these things really mean and why only fools fall for them.

As we all know, gold (followed by silver) react beautifully the more the mirage of a healthy economy, water-tight statistics and selfless government crumbles to reveal a barren desert. That’s why this site is so useful to those of us who think we know something’s up but we can’t quite put our finger on it.

James Delingpole once challenged us to not read Zerohedge for a whole day and see how our mood and world perspective was by the end of it. We admit it, spending a day in ignorant bliss was lovely, but it’s no way to live your life or plan your investments.

King World News

–          The ‘listen whilst cooking/eating/taking a bath’ read

This website presents a series of audio-interviews (often summarised below each podcast) which have a particular precious metals focus. Guests range from Marc Faber, the infamous ‘London Trader’ and Jim Rickards.

Each guest may focus on different of the financial system from the euro zone crisis, to manipulation of markets, to where they’re putting their money right now. Everyone, of course, has something to talk about which gives you the listener a good view from which to judge the financial and economy landscape.

It is far more impartial than anything you’ll get on Bloomberg or the BBC, but you will end up at the same conclusion – that the guys running the big financial show are about as effective as a chocolate teapot and you need to do something to protect your wealth from them. Most conclude gold and silver are, as history shows, the safe bet when the chocolate teapots are in charge of the printing presses. Tune in to listen to some of the biggest heavyweights in the gold and silver markets, their well-constructed opinions and deep financial and investment knowledge.

The Daily Reckoning

–          The ‘relax and enjoy with a glass of wine’ read

Regular readers will not be surprised to see this daily financial blog saved as the best ‘til last, as we often feature their content in our ‘Best of the Web’ section.

Principled by financial guru and commentator Bill Bonner and his partner Addison Wiggin, the articles on this site tell it like it is. If you’re looking for nice reasons why the kind-hearted fluffy government is working so hard to destroy protect your money and your livelihood then this is not the website for you.

Started in 1999, the publication predicted the economic volatility which has dominated financial news for the last decade and continues to do so. Each daily email takes a fairly scathing look at market announcements from the day and places a little story and philosophy lesson in there to remind us why movement of 0.1% in employment or inflation levels are not what we should be paying attention to.

Covering topics which we often take as a given such as cheap currencies, socialist politics, easy money, banking regulations and the rise of the state the Daily Reckoning writes in a way that shows you how all of these things should not happen in a free market.

Consistently reminding us of history, human behaviour and natural market movements, the Daily Reckoning takes our investment beliefs back to basics and reminds us to keep things simple, out of government manipulation and to learn from past economic experiences.

In 2000 Mr Bonner told readers his trade of the decade; sell dollars and buy gold…no wonder his readers are a happy bunch. He now has some interesting thoughts about Japan too…

We hope you find these hubs as interesting and useful as we do, and tell us what sites/resources you find best for gold in the comments below! 

Please Note: Information published here is provided to aid your thinking and investment decisions, not lead them. You should independently decide the best place for your money, and any investment decision you make is done so at your own risk. Data included here within may already be out of date.

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